In her book, Let the Truth Be Told, Janet Rodriguez will share her personal experiences and the biblical perspective on the following: 

-Man’s truth versus God’s truth
- People’s actions and reactions when dealing with wrong behavior
-Confronting sin in the church
-Man-made rules versus freedom in Christ 
-Gossip: how to approach it, the outcome of it, and how to avoid it
-Five steps to bring restoration

About the book

Christianity is not a bowl of cherries
 and if it were we still have to deal with the pits!

Many people are under the assumption that believers should be perfect: without conflicts, gossip, confrontation, and sin. But we are not in heaven yet, and reality as we know it is far from that life of perfection. Yes, we are called to love one another and live righteous lives. But let’s be realistic; we cannot deny that conflicts, gossip, deception, or lies still exist.

Issues will arise naturally at church, at work, at home, in school, or in other places while we are here on earth, but there are proper and biblical ways to handle them. There are solutions!

Let the Truth Be Told
Janet Rodriguez